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September 2011

Paulette Dunn-Pierre sets International Standards

PAULETTE Dunn-Pierre and her company Dunn-Pierre Barnett and Associates (DPBA) have played a lead role in a new initiative by the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) to equip youth development workers across the 53 Commonwealth member states to be more effective in contributing to nation-building.

The initiative will improve the impact and relevance of thousands of youth workers by expanding access to CYP education and training programmes and professionalising youth work practitioners.

An integral part of the process is the creation of Pan-Commonwealth standards that will guide components of the training programmes such as promoting entrepreneurship among young people; developing parenting skills; planning and implementing peace initiatives; working with youths with behavioural problems; implementing community youth development programmes; and working in ways to promote equality of opportunity.

Dunn-Pierre provided technical assistance to the CYP’s regional centre in the creation of Youth Development Work Competency Standards. She presented the standards of best practices and the qualifications framework to the assembly of youth workers, youth leaders, academics and CYP staff representatives at the recently concluded technical meeting at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.

Working on this assignment has enabled me to appreciate the value of empowering young men and women to develop their potential, creativity and skills as productive and dynamic members of their society. The messages the youths are sending right across the globe as we speak are indeed very powerful and as leaders, we need to listen very carefully to what they have to say. It has been a wonderful opportunity to interact with Youth Development Workers across the region and the Commonwealth and to know that I am making a contribution to the body of knowledge on a global scale,” Dunn-Pierre said.

Dunn-Pierre, an expert on accreditation and certification for technical vocational education and training (TVET), has in the past served as President of the Association of Commonwealth Examination and Accreditation Bodies (ACEAB), an arm of the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.

The CYP is a channel for young men and women between the ages of 15-29 to partner with governments and other key stakeholders to “work towards a society where young men and women are empowered to develop their potential, creativity and skills as productive and dynamic members of their societies and participate fully at every level of decision-making and development, both individually and collectively, promoting Commonwealth values of international co-operation.”

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