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November 2018

November 2018


August 2018 thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Distinguished members at the Head Table, Members of the SNTA Working Group, Board of the SNTA, ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Dunn, Pierre, Barnett and Associates let me say how delighted we are to be here today to be a part of this certification exercise.

A little over a year ago, in June 2017, we were given the task of training 330 persons from industry, the education and training sector, the public and private sectors in support of the establishment of the Suriname National Training.

In the very first week of the inception of the consultancy, we were tasked with preparing a Training Plan

The directive from the Task Master Dr Adama was to train:

“A critical mass of at least 330 persons including Trainers/ Teachers / Managers School Principals, SNTA Board Members; auditors, coordinators, quality assurance specialists, occupational standards developers, curriculum developers, Assessors, Verifiers, Education and Labour Information Management Systems Analysts   and Monitoring & Evaluation) Specialists”.

By July 2018, the company with the aid of 8 facilitators, had exceeded the target by 200, having trained 530 persons in 17 courses, 8 of which were general such as Orientation to Competency- Based Education and Training, Management of TVET Institutions, Contemporary Management Training and 9 highly specialized courses. These ranged from Assessor and Verifier Training to developing competencies in writing a CBET Curriculum, Conducting Quality Audits and developing occupational standards and National Vocational qualifications using the CARICOM Regional Vocational Qualifications Framework.

We had a staff of 9 persons, 8 trainers and a Project Manager. All the trainers were experienced practitioners and professionals who had worked across the Region from Belize, and Jamaica in the West to Grenada and Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago in the Southern Caribbean providing similar technical assistance to National Training Authorities who were either starting up as new NTAs or who needed assistance in building capacity.

The trainers were:

Mr. Robert Gregory – well known former executive Director of HEART Trust NTA in Jamaica – shared his experiences in Management of the NTA.

Ms. Clover Barnett – Chief Technical Director of DBPA (Expert in Curriculum Development, CBET, DACUM, Training of Trainers)

Mr. Leolyn Gordon – Expert in Lead Group and Standards Development

Mr. Justine Pierre – Regional Expert in Labour Market Systems

Mr. Orlando Hewitt – our Expert in Quality Assurance and Auditing

Mr. Carlyon Russell – our expert in Education Management Information Systems

Paulette Dunn-Pierre, yours truly – delivering training in CBET, Quality Assurance, Assessor and Verifier Training, Training of Trainers, Management in TVET Institutions, Managers and Coordinators of the Pilot institutions.

Assisting us was Ms. Judith Van Gugten who assumed the role of Project Manager and made many of the logistical arrangements for the workshops

During the year of training we met many participants who were professionals in their own right.  They were very eager to learn new methodologies, and participate many discussions particularly those pertaining to TVET and the state of development in Suriname.

We covered areas such as

  • Orientation to CBET
  • The Regional TVET Strategy
  • Implementing a National TVET System
  • Requirements of NTA Management Team and Boards
  • Management of TVET Institutions
  • Auditing of TVET Institutions
  • Assessor and Verifier Training
  • Quality Assurance in TVET
  • Developing CBET Curriculum and CBET Lesson Plans
  • Developing Occupational Standards and CVQs
  • Conducting Labour Market Studies
  • Developing Education Management Information Systems
  • Forming Lead Groups
  • Training of Trainers


In keeping with the CBET approach, many had to complete a practicum and other assignments which were required particularly in the specialized courses, – I am sorry I do not have photographs here to share with you, so you could see how professionally they presented themselves dressed as is required when conducting their assessments, and quality audits and so on.

The SNTA now has at its disposal a large number of trained individuals who we hope will give back to the country and assist the SNTA when it is established.

The journey has only just begun and all hands are needed to make the implementation of the SNTA successful as we anticipate it will be.

We sincerely thank the Working Group lead by the Chairman Dr. Adama (who incidentally was present at the beginning of every new training course) members of the Working Group themselves who helped shape the Technical Training Model, Mrs. Cherida Schet, who was assisted by Connelly and Sharifa and of course the many participants who expressed their gratitude at having been trained so they too are on par with their counterparts across the CARICOM region.

We wish the Board and Management of the SNTA well as it moves to the next phase of implementation and pray for its success.